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Bats are one of the most misunderstood animals that are considered a nuisance.

In fact bats are really very beneficial to the ecosystem and have their place in nature, but when it comes to living in close quarters with humans there are just too many risks that severely outweigh the benefits.

We offer the the most effective services in the removal and prevention of nuisance wildlife

Wildlife capture and removal is of course, an essential part of Animal damage control. While most people appreciate nature, they do not usually appreciate the destruction of property or serious health risks that are associated with these specific wild animals . The goal of our company is to quickly and humanely capture and relocate the animal(s) causing the problem. And lastly, to restore our clients homes to the condition they were in before the wild intruders!

Once the animal problem has been resolved we offer solutions to animal proof your home, and repair any damages the animal(s) has caused including roof repairs, siding repairs, insulation removal, insulation replacement, siding replacement, decontamination and any other necessary repairs.


All your Animal Damage Control needs in one place!

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Whenever possible one of our expert technicians will safely and humanely remove the animal by hand, pole, grabber or other tools. (Like in the case of Snakes)





Wildlife trapping and removal

Dead animal removal

We also help homeowners with less than pleasant task of ridding a crawlspace, attic, or other area of the common occurrence of a dead animal carcass.

   In addition to removal, services include full decontamination, sanitation, and deodorization of affected area....effectively making it like it never happened!

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The most common and safest technique in capture and relocation of wildlife is also extremely effective! Our company is dedicated to the humane and loving treatment of animals as well as performing the job with the utmost professionalism.

Damage Repairs/

Entry Prevention

Repairs are the most important step in a total wildlife control plan. They ensure that no new animals can get back in to the building, and if done right, can keep animals out for good! Some examples of such repairs are as follows:

  • Repairs to roofing, soffit or eves 

  • Installation of steel mesh under sheds or porches

  • Mending/ Restoration of cement porches and pads

  • Capping or sealing of chimneys

  • Screening of gable vents and other attic vents

  • Fixing and Restoring fences and gates

  • Foundation seals

Protect your investment and save on Energy bills!!!


The Restoration of an Attic or Crawl Space is absolutely necessary in more extreme cases of wildlife infestation like the one pictured to the right 

 Having a company that is trained and experienced in the proper techniques of remediation, decontamination and sanitation is paramount in assuring that the problem will be solved right the first time!



Our most common pests:







Other animals include: 

-Rabbits                     -Mice

-Mud swallows          -Voles                  -Pocket Gophers             -Feral cats

-Coyotes                           -Bobcats
-house sparrows        -Wasps/Bees



Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels , Rats, and more

For nusiance wildlife such as Raccoons, Skunks, and Squirrels, the most effective and humane method of trapping is live trapping using cage-style traps that encourage the critters into the cage using a particular bait. They will be lured into the cage then subsequently will be trapped inside, unharmed, until a technician comes to collect and release the animal at a select wildlife refuge. 


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Bats and birds

In all of our services we make the safety and security of your family and the animals our top priority! This is even true for the winged wildlife that we encounter; even though it is tough, we continue to implement state of the art removal techniques such as One-way doors. 

As beautiful as allot of birds can be they can also cause a hand full of problems ranging from a pesky noise disturbance to the contamination of an entire attic! 

The damage and destruction caused by these common and unwelcome birds is only a small part of the hazards involved with birds living in close quarters with humans. Disease, viruses and parasites are all very real dangers associated with birds and bats!


Dealing with intruding  bats and birds is a job that is unlike any other and comes with its own unique set of challenges that requires a thorough specific protocol to ensure your family's health 


About Us


Mission and Goals 

Our mission in the creation of this company was to first help people, who are in some cases, in dire need of our assistance! We relieve customers of all threats and potential hazards involved with the intrusion of nuisance wildlife, while also educating homeowners to steps that can be taken to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future! 



I Started working the field of Animal Damage Control over 10 years ago and have had the pleasure of performing this amazing job in 3 different states. Within this time I have gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge and experience in such an enjoyable and rewarding career. Let me put that expertise to work for you by giving us a call now at


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 you are not going to get a machine if you call later in the evening , on weekends or holidays. Also you won't have the misfortune of having to explain your situation to an office person who has no knowledge of the field!                   

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"We believe that since intrusive wildlife don't take weekends off, neither should we!"

            -owner, Ted Duncan II



720-722-WILD (9453)

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"We believe that since intrusive wildlife dont take weekends off, neither should we!"
Mon - Fri: All hours!

​​Saturday: All hours!

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Anytime day or night!


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